Comparative Effects Of “Do It” Creativity And Emotional Mastery Techniques In Fostering Emotional Intelligence Among Adolescents With Physical Impairments In Oyo State, Nigeria

  • S G Olawale


This study investigated the comparative effects of “DO IT” creativity and Emotional Mastery techniques in fostering emotional intelligence among adolescents with physical impairments in Oyo State, Nigeria. There were ninety participants randomly selected from three special institutions in the state, namely: Cheshire High School, Ibadan; Rehabilitation Centre for the Disabled, Moniya, Ibadan, and ; Federal College of Education (Special), Oyo. A 3 x 3 experimental design was used for this study. The age range of the participants was between 13 – 21 with a mean age of 18.5 years. The self Concept Scale (Section A) of the Adolescent Personal Data Inventory(APDI) was used to classify the participants into self concept categories (low, moderate and high). The criterion measure was Emotional Intelligence test. One major hypothesis, with a sub- hypothesis, was tested in the study at 0.05 level of significance . The results showed that the Emotional Intelligence test scores of treated participants significantly improved over their counterparts in the control group. It was also found that participants in the “DO IT” group benefited more from the treatment programme than those in the Emotional Mastery group. Based or this, suggestions were advanced towards making persons with physical impairments emotionally intelligence

IFE PsychologIA Vol. 15 (2) 2007: pp. 25-34

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eISSN: 1117-1421