Effects Of Emotional Intelligence On Marital Adjustment Of Couples In Nigeria

  • PT Ortese
  • S A Tor-Anyiin


Emotional Intelligence (EQI) has been identified as a factor in success, in work, business and life adjustment. This paper examined the effects of Emotional Intelligence on marital adjustment of couples in Nigeria. A sample of 286 couples sampled in Makurdi; Abuja and Jos was used in the study. Emotional Intelligence – Marital Adjustment Inventory (EIAI) that measures Emotional Intelligence components (Emotion Management Emotional sensitivity skills and social relationship skills) was used as an instrument of data collection. Three hypotheses were tested using chi-square at 0.05 level of significance. Findings revealed that emotion management has significant effect on marital adjustment of couples (Cal. Val. 71.35>Crit. Val. 3.84). Emotional sensitivity skills were found to have significant effects on marital adjustment of couples (Cal. Val. 107.55>Crit Val. 3.84). Social relationship skills had significant effect on marital adjustment of couples (Cal. Val. 137.20>Crit. Val. 3.84). Based on the findings, it was recommended that in both premarital and marital counselling, couples should be introduced to the competencies of Emotional intelligence. Through conjoint marital therapy, couples should be taught interpersonal relationship (communication) skills. Couples should be helped to develop emotion management skills. Couples should be taught emotional sensitivity skills. Our educational systems should not only develop learners' Intelligence (IQ) but their Emotional intelligence (EQI) competencies too. Emotional intelligence should form part of the criteria for marital choice of mate selection.

IFE PsychologIA Vol. 16 (2) 2008: pp. 101-112

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eISSN: 1117-1421