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Socio-Economic Status And Birth-Order As Correlates Of Women Spiritual Help-Seeking Behavior

SK Balogun, SE Oladipo


This study investigated socio-economic status and birth-order as correlates of women spiritual help-seeking behavior. Five hundred women help-seekers were sampled from 10 spiritual houses within Ibadan metropolis. Their age ranged between 17-70 years. Fifty percent (50 %,) i.e. 250 of the total sample were singles; twenty four percent (24%), i.e. 120 were married; 88 (17.6%) were widowed. About eight percent were separated. Spiritual help-seeking was measured using Women Spiritual Help-seeking Behavior Measure (WSHBM: Oladipo, 2006). Socio-economic status significantly, positively correlated with women spiritual help-seeking behavior. Birth order also correlated with spiritual help-seeking behavior.
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