Music As A Facilitator For Healing

  • Y Olaniyan


Music, a multidimensional art from, is naturally entrenched with remarkable therapeutic attribute. Music as a source of communion functions as a mediator between human flesh and soul among people. Music, in its melody, rhythm, pitches levels, and harmony motivates peoples’ feelings/emotion to achieve the expected desired result. This paper therefore aims at discussing the ability of music as an agent of healing. Information that would bring about a reliable write-up was gathered through interviews with medical practitioners and patients in some hospitals at Ife, Ibadan and Abeokuta. In addition, books, journals and magazines were consulted. Among the major books consulted is the Holy Bible in order to get authentic information from literary sources. It was thereafter found out that music in all its ramifications as an Art form could effectively serve as palliative/agent of complete healing of the sick. It would be very much advocated that relevant music, as may be demanded by the patients of music as thought relevant by the medical practitioners could be played alongside other medications to facilitate speedy healing process.

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eISSN: 1117-1421