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Role of information dissemination in combating corruption in Nigeria

Onome N. Alakpodia
Violet E. Ikolo
Laura E. Ogbah


Nigeria is faced with a problem that has deprived her from achieving developmental goals. This problem has presented itself in the form of corruption. Corruption undermines basic social values, threatens the rule of law, and reduces trust in political institutions. This reality of corruption in Nigeria has posed a great challenge to any government or agency of government in Nigeria. It has caused a lot of menace that needs to be cleaned up. This paper therefore has attempted to X-ray the role of information in combating corruption in Nigeria. The paper looked at the concept and history of corruption in Nigeria, the nature and characteristics of corruption, causes of corruption, the effects of corruption, challenges as well as the efforts of various governments in eradicating corruption and how information provision and dissemination can be used as a tool for combating and probably eradicating the menace of corruption in Nigeria.

Keywords: Corruption; Social Values; Rule of Law; Information Dissemination