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User satisfaction as a marketing strategy in the 21<sup>st</sup> century library

Oladimeji Eyitayo Yemi-Peters
Moses Adekunle Omoniwa
Chinyelu Mary Achunmu


The introduction of information technology and globalization has led to an increase in competition among the information providers. Libraries must improve the quality of their services to enable them take the challenges of information in the 21st century. This therefore calls for a better understanding of the specific needs of the library users in order to provide the appropriate type and level of service that meets those needs. This paper takes an insight into how library user needs can be satisfied with the services provided by the library, factors that affect user satisfaction and recommendation were also given on how to ensure that the library meet up with the users’ expectations.

Keywords: Library, library services, ICT, 21st century, marketing strategy, user and user satisfaction