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Intellectual property policy as factor influencing creation of intellectual property in universities in south west, Nigeria

Ransome A. Oboh, Oshiotse A. Okwilagwe


Universities in developed countries are benefitting more from Intellectual Property (IP) they create than those in developing countries especially Nigeria. There is also lack of, and adequate Intellectual Property Policy (IPP) in Nigerian universities. This study therefore, investigated the influence of IPP on creation of IP in universities in South-west, Nigeria. The s tudy adopted the descriptive survey design of the correlational type. Equal allocation sampling technique was used to select 864 (11.25%) from a population of 7,678 lecturers in the universities. Eight items were used to measure creation of IP and 15 were used to measure IPP. Reliability coefficient of creation of IP was 0.83 and IPP was 0.92. Percentage, mean, t test, correlation, multiple regression and analysis of variance were used to analyse the data at 0.05 level of significance. Findings revealed that creation of IP was high and significant. Intellectual property policy was also significant and it showed positive significant influence (r = .67) on creation of IP. Intellectual property policy (β = .78) made significant relative contribution to creation of IP in the universities. Therefore, creation of IP in universities in South-west, Nigeria can be enhanced if adequate intellectual property policy is available in the universities.

Keywords: intellectual property, intellectual property policy, patent, copyright, universities, Nigeria

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