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Use of Library Resources in Private Secondary Schools in Esan North East Local Government Area, Edo State

Anthony Oboite Solomon


The content of this article was incorrect, this was amended on 10 August 2018. 

This research work x-rayed the use of library resources in secondary schools in Esan North East Local Government Area of Edo State. The research instrument was the questionnaire; and 195 copies of it were administered, while 190 were retrieved and analyzed. Having adopted the descriptive survey research method, the research found out that the library resources available in the secondary school libraries are monographs (textbooks), dictionaries, atlases, magazines newspapers, CD-ROM, audio-visuals and fictions (storybooks, novels, cartoons); of the available library resources, those mainly used by students are monographs (textbooks), dictionaries, newspapers, atlases. Also the research found out that improvement in academic performance, life-long learning skills, information seeking skills, self-study skills are some of  the effects the use of school libraries has on the students. The research recommended that school students should be enlightened on the importance of the library, and the organized private sector should partner with schools to sponsor library projects as part of their corporate social responsibilities.

Keywords: Library resources, Secondary schools, Use of library, School library