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Imperatives of Career Development on Librarians’ Commitment among University Libraries in Southern Nigeria

V. E Unegbu
B. Ezeudu
Y.T Babalola
E. Madukoma


This study examined the imperatives of career development on librarians commitment among university libraries in southern, Nigeria.The survey design was adopted for the study. A structured questionnaire was used to collect data from all the five hundred and fifty-six (556) professional librarians in thirty-nine public university in southern, Nigeria .five hundred and twenty four (524) were completed and retrieved for data analysis. Total enumeration method was used to include all academic librarians in the universities in Southern Nigeria. Data was analyzed with descriptive statistics. The findings showed that the extent of career development was high and that out of the five construct, training contributed highest in librarian career development while counselingoffered the least contribution, although it was high.Affectiv commitment made the largest contribution while normative commitment offered the least contribution.Also, findings reviewed that career development significantly influenced librarians commitment at < 0.05 significant level.The study recommends that the library managementcreates a friendly environment and organise regular staff trainingto boost librarians’ commitment

Keywords: Career development, Librarians commitment, Librarians, University libraries