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Influence of Professional Competence on Users Satisfaction of Colleges of Education Libraries in Lagos State, Nigeria

Adejoke Mostura Abdullahi
Ruth Onajite Owolabi


Satisfaction is a driving force that makes a library user determined to use the library repeatedly. Satisfaction cannot be achieved in the library without a competent professional in the field of information management to manage the library resources and respond to users professionally although library employ graduate but there still exist the issue of users‟ dissatisfaction with some library workers. The study investigated the influence of professional competence on users' satisfaction with college library. The study adopted survey research design. The study population comprised 12,450 users of libraries in colleges of education in Lagos State, Nigeria. the sample size of 378 was derived from Krejcie and Morgan table of 1970. A validated questionnaire was used for data collection. The Cronbach alpha reliability coefficient of the construct ranged from 0.909 to 0.934. The response rate of 62% achieved. Data was analysed using descriptive and inferential statistics. Findings showed that professional competence has significant influence on users satisfaction if colleges of education libraries in Lagos State, Nigeria (R2= 0.268, β= 0.518, t = 9.207, p<0.05). Participants were satisfied with the level of library services in colleges of education in Lagos State, Nigeria was (x̅ =3.21). Library resources (x̅ = 3.15) and findings reveal that the colleges of education employ library staff with of B.Sc. (x̅ =3.36) with high level of communication skills (x̅ =3.19). In conclusion the study found that library environment and staff attitude contribute to users' satisfaction therefore professional with good working attitude and a good environment including complete infrastructure enhances satisfaction. 

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