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Organizational climate factors in job creativity of university librarians in Anambra State

Ifeoma Nwanneka Oraekwe


Libraries are important centers in education and for resource sharing, so, also librarians’ important personnel in tertiary institutions. In Nigeria, librarians may not be said to have fulfilled those expected roles to the satisfaction of stakeholders. Many factors could be directly and indirectly responsible; however, the current study focused on librarians’ creativity and innovation and the role of organizational climate in the creative process of librarians. Being a survey study, the study utilized correlation design using descriptive statistics and Pearson R statistics to establish the perception of librarians about their organizational climate and the relationship between this perception on their creativity and innovation. The participants were 89 librarians sampled purposively from University librarians in Anambra State. The questionnaires used for data collection was simplified adaptation of Coveney (2008) and Organizational Climate Questionnaire (OCQ) by Litwin and Stringer (1968). The result was indicative that the perception of organizational climate is low among University librarians in Anambra State but the librarians were relatively high on creativity and innovation. Secondly, there was a significant positive correlation between librarians’ perception of organizational climate and creativity and innovation at r(2, 89) = .68, p > .05 implying that favourable climate to employees helps creative process to thrive. It is recommended that stakeholder should increase their support to University librarians in order to motivate them to perform at the highest level bringing their creativity into the equation.

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