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Christian – Muslim Relations in Nigeria: The Problems and Prospects

POO Ottuh, JA Ottuh, VO Aitufe


Inter-religious relations imply possible and practicable cordial relationship that exists between religions in a society. Its instrument is interfaith dialogue aimed at cordiality, togetherness, tolerance and acceptance that will be the true sign of a new era in the religious history of humanity. On both international and national levels, attempts have been and are still being made to establish dialogue or good relations between Muslims and Christians with a view to avoiding the  mistakes of the past, and creating a better world, and a better Nigeria for the present and future generations. The paper explores the remote and possible causes of the present  widespread problems in Christians and Muslims relations in Nigeria; and to reflect on the possible impact on the Nigerian nationhood. Basic findings of this study show that Nigeria.s stability, democracy, and national cohesion are threatened by extremism and conflict arising from Islamic and  Christian fundamentalism is believed to be predicated on the Nigerian political and economic malaise and social dislocation of recent decades. The paper recommends and concludes that all religious adherents must embrace Inter-religious dialogue which demands religions nurture, faith,  trust, dialogue, communication,  reconciliation, and mutual understanding of one another thus guaranteeing communal good for Nigerians.

Key Words: Inter-religious; Nigeria Christian; Muslim

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