Vocational Education and Economic Development in Nigeria

  • K Ekpo
  • A Okon


This paper discusses the capability of vocational education in creating jobs to reduce unemployment among the Nigerian youths which will result in sustainable economic development of Nigeria. It also defines Vocational education within the provisions of the National Policy on Education.  Philosophy of Vocational Education is also defined. In African states,  including Nigeria, much emphasize is not given to Vocational Education  which is a major instrument for the nations rapid and sustainable  development with proper planning and implementation. Vocational  education is capable of creating millions of jobs for Nigerian youths. This will lead to sustainable economic development for Nigeria in particular and African continent in general. The capability of Vocational education for job creation is not doubted but constrained by several challenges among which are poor funding, lack of training personnel and facilities. In order to
overcome these challenges, it is recommended that Vocational experts, government officials and the business world should work together for the purpose of job creation, poverty alleviation and sustainable economic development.

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