Ibani (Niger Delta) Traditional Religion and Social Morality

  • MJ Jaja


The Ibani is of the Ijo extraction in the Niger Delta of Nigeria. The belief in a Supreme Being called Tamuno but also on multitude of deities because of the environment in which they live. They believe that these deities perform social functions that stabilize society. Ibani cosmology revolve round the tripod – God, deities and ancestors. This multitude of deities is propitiated with various items to intercede and ensure that society is safe and stable. The indigenous Ibani religion is not archaic or dead but living in the lives of the people and preached by them. Christian religion has not totally erased the believe and traditions of our fore-fathers. This paper examines the Ibani religion and its impact on social morality and how both had combined to mould the lives of the Ibani.

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