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The Nature of Philosophy of History

Agha Eresia-Eke


This study is set to examine the nature of the philosophy of history. A well-articulated argument ensures  concerning what philosophy of history is, and its ability to direct the course of history in the areas of historical evidence and the extent to which objectivity is possible. The paper argues that philosophy of history is a  genuine and legitimate study of the relationship between philosophy and history which engenders elements of criticality in the study of history as an account of human activities. This is against the view of scholars  especially, Frederick Copleston who doubts the legitimacy of philosophy of history. In order to appreciate  Copleston’s perspective, the paper investigates what he considers the nature and role of philosophy of history. Consequent on this therefore, this paper brings to the fore, the nature of philosophy of history, what it does,  and how its relationship with history is consolidated. The study also provides a concluding segment, which  contains an invitation to scholars, especially the Africans to learn from the lessons of the philosophy of history in order to shape their world view.

Key words: Philosophy, History, Historiography, Historicism, Critical, Speculative, Methodology, Human events, Historical research, Historical facts,Scientific history, Civilization, Development, Intellectual form, Meaningful achievement, Explanation, Metaphysics

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