Kidnapping for ransom in Nigeria: Implications and quest for a permanent solution

  • Adebowale Bandele Emanemua
  • Toyosi Nathaniel Akinlosotu
Keywords: Insecurity, Kidnapping, Hostage taking, Crime, Ransom


Kidnapping has recently become a profitable venture among youths in Nigeria. This criminal practice that started in the form of hostage taking in the Niger-Delta, region of the country in calling the attention of the government to the marginalization of the region, has seemingly become a variant of armed robbery with high level of expertise in abducting people for ransom illegally. The ascendancy of this insecurity threat is now becoming perplexing to several citizens, business people, foreign investors, law enforcement agencies and the government. Hence, this study takes a critical look at this new wave of crime as well as its implication on the nation. The study indicates that kidnapping for ransom is a criminal offence against the fundamental human right of citizens that would require proactive and prompt response of security operatives to curb. However, it was concluded that good governance still remains the key to resolving insecurity threat like kidnapping for ransom in Nigeria.

Keywords: Insecurity, Kidnapping, Hostage taking, Crime, Ransom


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