Nigerian Pidgin(NP) for Peace, Unity and Sustainable Development in Nigeria

  • Angela Chitoo Ezekwe


The need for peace, unity and development that is sustained is one that has continually been reverberated throughout the nation for a number of decades now. Absence of peace and unity hinders sustainable development, as the existence of these is a prerequisite to achieving sustainable economic development in any nation. Multilingual and multiethnic nature of Nigeria has promoted the divide among Nigerians in this decade more than ever before. There is need for the adoption of a common language acceptable to all. In contemporary Nigeria, we see pidgin bridging the gap in
communication between people of different social status, tribes and religious affiliations, thereby building the right atmosphere for peace, unity and sustainable development to thrive. This paper
therefore discussed contexts where Nigerian Pidgin is already in use and advocated that its acceptability in these context indicates that it can be turned to a language for wider communication and a panacea for peace and development in Nigeria

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