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Alternative to Dispute Resolution: Ṣàngó and Amadioha and the Nigerian Criminal Justice System

M.D. Nwachukwu
I.M. Alala
N.E. Olua


Sango and Amadioha, the Yoruba and Igbo god of thunder and lightning are the administrators of justice within their domiciled cultural spaces. Before the advent of colonialism which introduces the British common law, African values and custom checkmated corruption and other forms of lawlessness. The adoption of the British legal system as the Nigerian legal system jettisons the African traditional justice system which manages disputes and conflicts within the African socio-cultural space through deities like Sango and Amadioha. The jettison of the African methods of conflict resolutions leads to some of the ambiguities and inconsistencies in the adjudication and delivery of justice experience today in Nigeria. The paper interrogated the modern methods of adjudication which takes its cue from the British common law in contradistinction with African traditional justice system governed by Sango and Amadioha through various texts and argues that the gods, Sango and Amadioha, are purveyors of justice and the standards of their adjudication are premised on the virtues of truth and impartiality; therefore should be adopted as an alternative to dispute resolution.

Key Words: African traditional justice, Amadioha, British common law, Sango

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