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Ìgbò Language and Culture Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Ugochi Happiness Ikonne


In this paper, we are going to discuss the status of Ìgbò Language and Culture in the past (i.e. yesterday), presently, (i.e. today) and apparently predict the future (i.e. tomorrow) with the view to draw the attention of the Ìgbò to the level of neglect and endangerment the Ìgbò language and culture are facing. The Ìgbò language and culture would be reviewed from the pre literate era of the igbo to the present dispensation. It concludes that the Ìgbò should be encouraged to adopt a positive attitude towards their language and culture, speak the language and work with it, manifest their rich cultures and get their children to do the same. Beside these, certainly, there will be no Igbo language and culture tomorrow. Again, schools should be encouraged to implement the mother tongue/ language of the immediate community MT/LIC medium policy at the appropriate levels of education. The Ìgbò should shun and dismiss the fallacy that the Ìgbò language is not complete or defective of any language function. The Ìgbò should be proud to showcase the most conspicuous aspect of their culture which includes the language, naming system and mode of dress.

Key words: Ìgbò Language, Ìgbò culture, yesterday and today

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