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Transnational Advertising of Coca Cola and the Adoption of Pop Culture among Youths in South-South Region of Nigeria

C.I. Ochonogor, F.G. Nwachukwu


Advancement in technology, economies of scale and the law of comparative advantage have combined to make goods and services available in countries other than their countries of origin due to increased production. Advertising has helped to create awareness and persuasion that nudged consumers to patronise products manufactured outside their shores. Multinational advertisements carry some vestige of foreign cultures into local environments, thus altering the cultural milieu. This study examines coca cola advertisements in relation to the infusion of the pop culture among youths of South-South Nigeria. The investigation was anchored on individual difference theories and used the survey research design to study 384 respondents drawn from the six states that make up the South-South Geopolitical Zone of Nigeria, with a population of 26, 237, 239 Using a set of Questionnaire The study adopted qualitative and quantitative methods of data analysis. The analysis among others revealed that Coca Cola advertisements have significantly altered the lifestyle of the youths of South-South Nigeria in terms of their music preferences, dancing, dressing and the acceptance of values alien to the local cultures. The study recommended among others, that the standardised transnational advertisements of products and services for local markets should be adapted for the local markets and produced with nationally recognised local talents to minimise the alteration of the indigenous cultures.

Key Words: Audience, Foreign culture, local markets, Perception, Pop Culture, & Multinational Advertising

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