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The Environment, Peace and Conflict in Nigeria: A Theoretical Foundation of Linkage Analysis, 1956-2000

Solomon Amiara Amiara, Paul Uroko Omeje


Environment, peace and conflict are inseparable phenomena in Nigeria’s historical development. Over the years, environmental problems have taken centre stage in Nigerian history. Sometimes, it leads to peace while at other times contributes to conflict outbreak in Nigeria. However, scholars and practitioners of environmental studies have always studied environment and conflict in isolation of peace thereby neglecting how environmental factors contribute to peace building. To this extent, this paper interrogates the link between environment, peace, and conflict in Nigeria. The argument of the paper is that most conflicts that have occurred in Nigeria occurred as a result of environmental negligence. This paper adopted linkage theory as a theoretical framework of analysis. The paper concluded that environmental negligence contributes to conflict outbreak and retards peaceful coexistence.

Key Words: Environment, Peace, Conflict, Nigeria, Linkage

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