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Implications of Hegel’s Dialectical Evolution of the Spirit to the Problem of Shortcut Mentality in Nigeria

Bonaventure Chike Anetoh
Hilary Izuegbunam


This article focused on Hegel’s dialectical evolution of the spirit and its implications to shortcut mentality in Nigeria. Hegel’s evolution of the spirit is a process of change and human development, which moves from the individual to the state and then to the absolute. This process identifies and represents the world’s civilization as a gradual realization of the absolute. The fundamental questions are: What actually is Hegel’s dialectical evolution of the spirit? What is shortcut mentality? Has Hegel’s dialectical evolution of the spirit any implication for shortcut mentality in Nigeria? This article argued and insisted that Hegel’s dialectical evolution of the spirit has remarkable implications for shortcut mentality in Nigeria. A critical look at Nigeria today simply portrays a country beset by shortcut mentality in her quest for civilization. This is evidenced in many contemporary issues menacing our country today. The issues of get rich quick syndrome, quick fixes, examination mal-practice, Ponzi schemes, betting sites, corrupt practices, utopian prosperity gospel etc. are easily noticeable in almost every part of Nigeria. All these ills which have led to the malfunctioning of the economic, religious, educational, agricultural, and administrative sectors of Nigeria, are certainly the offspring of shortcut mentality. This shortcut mentality presupposes people not following the right and gradual path of change and development. It entails abhorrence of labour as well as suffering. Hence, the researchers employed analytical and hermeneutical methods to explore the implications of Hegel’s dialectical evolution of the spirit to shortcut disorder in Nigeria. This article argued that application of Hegel’s dialectical evolution of the spirit contributes enormously in combating the problem of shortcut mentality in Nigeria. Hence, the researchers recommended creativity, mutual recognition as well as positive attitude to labour and suffering as solutions to the issue of shortcut mentality in Nigeria.

Key Words: Hegel, Spirit, Shortcut, Change and Nigeria

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