International Journal of Agriculture and Rural Development

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Economic efficiency among small scale poultry farmers in Imo State, Nigeria. "A stochastic frontier production model approach"

DO Ohajianya


The economic efficiency, determinants of production efficiency and the sources of inefficiency in small scale poultry production in Imo State are investigated using a stochastic frontier production function, which incorporates a model for inefficiency effects. Data were collected with structured questionnaire from 180 small scale poultry farmers randomly selected from the three agricultural zones of Imo State, and analyzed using the stochastic frontier model. Results show that labour, capital, day-old chicks, feed, drugs and vaccine and utilities are the major factors that are associated with changes in the output of poultry. All the examined farmer-specific socio economic variables, which comprise gender, farming experience, education, credit, household size and extension, were found to be the significant factors that account for the observed variation in efficiency among the small scale poultry farmers.

Keywords: economic efficiency, small scale poultry farmers, stochastic frontier production model

International Journal of Agriculture and Rural Development Vol. 6 2005: 19-25
AJOL African Journals Online