International Journal of Agriculture and Rural Development

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Planning livelihood cohesion for agrarian Tsunami victims

JK Newport, OM Adesope, P Raman, NS Oguzor, NS Oguzor


The paper highlights the need for adequate livelihood planning for agrarian Tsunami victims in Tamil Nadu are of India. It looks at the reason why the inhabitants of the area were affected by the disaster especially as they are around the coastal plains, which experience periodic monsoon. The recent tsunami devastated the livelihood dynamics as hectares of land with standing crops were washed away. A total of 13, 569.29ha of land was washed away in five districts of the area. This has caused untold hardship to the people of the area. It is therefore pertinent that adequate planning be done to keep the people of the area together as they used to be. The devastating impact of the tsunami is foreseen on a larger scale as food security chain within the country is greatly disturbed. The need for people friendly policies that are participatory in nature will enhance livelihood cohesion to a large extent.

Keywords: planning, livelihood, cohesion, Agrarian Tsunami victims

International Journal of Agriculture and Rural Development Vol. 6 2005: 175-181
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