Analyses of Small-Scale Turkey Production in Owerri Agricultural Zone of Imo State, Nigeria

  • J Onwumere
  • RO Obasi
Keywords: Turkey, agribusiness, investment, analysis


The purpose of this study was to analyse small scale turkey production in Imo State of Nigeria. Owerri agricultural zone of Imo State harbours most of the urban cities with large population thus providing greatest market for turkey in the area. Fifty farmers in turkey production constituted sample size for this study. The data used for analyses were collected via questionnaire and oral interview. The techniques of data analyses employed were Ordinary Least Square multiple regression analysis and descriptive statistics. The findings of the study show that turkey production is a profitable investment in the area. Educational qualification, credit availability and experience affected turkey production positively. An inverse relationship was observed amongst feed cost, management systems adopted labour cost and turkey production in the study area. Increasing credit investment into turkey production, while, reducing input cost and other cost of production are recommended for profitable venture in the study area.

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1595-9716