Comparative Analysis of the Profitability in Brood-and-Sell and Brood-and-Finish Broiler Enterprises in Abia State of Nigeria

  • OR Iheke
  • C Nwagbara
Keywords: Profitability, brood-and-sell, brood-and-finish, broiler enterprises


This study compared the profitability of brood-and-sell and brood-and-finish broiler enterprises in Abia State of Nigeria. Data collected using structured questionnaire and interview schedules from 70 poultry farmers made up of 35 brood-and-sell and 35 brood-and-finish broiler farmers were analyzed using multiple regression analysis, net profit analysis, t-test of significance and frequency tables and percentages. The result of data analysis revealed that age of the farmers (p = 0.05), years of education (p = 0.01), household size (p = 0.10), size of stock (p = 0.10), cost of day old chicks (p = 0.05), cost of feed (p = 0.05), labour (p = 0.01) and capital (p = 0.01) were the significant determinants of profitability in the brood-and-sell broiler enterprise. On the other hand, education (p = 0.01),
household size (p = 0.01), experience (p = 0.10), cost of day old chicks (p = 0.05), mortality (p = 0.10), cost of feed (p = 0.01) and capital (p = 0.05) were significant determinants of profitability in the brood-and-finish broiler enterprises. A net profit of N428, 255 and N566950 accrued to the broodand- sell and brood-and-finish broiler enterprises respectively. Also, the t-test revealed that the profit from brood-and-finish broiler enterprises were significantly higher that that accruing from broodand- sell broiler enterprises.

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eISSN: 1595-9716