Physical, Chemical, Functional and Sensory Properties of the ‘White’ Variety of African Yam Bean (Sphenostylis Sternocarpa)

  • O Ijeoma
Keywords: African Yam Beans, Physical, Chemical, Functional and Sensory Properties


The physical, chemical, functional and sensory characteristics of white variety of African Yam Beans (AYB) were studied. The physical characteristics were examined by subjective method for shape, testa texture, seed colour and testa attachment to the cotyledon. Proximate composition was by Association of Official Analytical Chemist method. The sensory characteristics of the AYB flour were evaluated by preparing the local food popularly called “moin moin”. The average seed weight and size were 0.13±0.01 and 0.70x0.48x0.38, respectively. The result of the chemical analysis shows the moisture, protein, fat. Crude fibre, ash and carbohydrate contents to be 8.59 %, 22.30 %, 1.36 %, 4.98 %, 2.40 % and 60.37 % respectively of the dehulled flour of AYB seeds. The functional properties were also analyzed and the results for the water and oil absorption capacities were 1.53 mlH20/g and 1.96 mlOil/g, respectively. Also, the swelling index, foam capacity, emulsion capacity and wettability were 223 ml/ml, 32.2 %, 2.50 ml/g and 41 seconds respectively. The packed bulk density was found to be 0.98 g/ml while the loose bulk density was 0.95g/ml. The overall acceptability of the food was quite high but the appearance was the least acceptable. The result of this study shows that African Yam Beans has properties that could be of use in food formulation systems.

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eISSN: 1595-9716