Sustainability of Beekeeping as a Means of Economic Empowerment, Biodiversity and Food Security

  • EO Ubeh
  • EU Ekwugha
  • N Nwagbaraocha
  • IU Opara


This paper assessed the many ways bees and beekeeping contribute to sustainable livelihood. Beekeeping generates much more than honey; pollination of crops, maintenance of biodiversity, income generation, source of food and other valuable services are provided by bees. The economic viability and potential of beekeeping as discussed in this work using benefit- cost-ratio analysis, cash flow and net present value suggest that beekeeping is highly profitable venture and capable of breaking even. Small or large-scale beekeeping contributes significantly to livelihood security, economic empowerment, food security, biodiversity and environmental conservation. It is thus imperative to highlight the prospects of beekeeping as a priority for immediate socio-economic development especially at the rural level where there is limited access to credit.

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1595-9716