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Evaluation of Effects of Maize Extension Package on Farmers Indigenous Practice

AO Chukwu
VBN Okoli


The study examined the effects of maize extension package on farmers indigenous practices in Nwangele Local Government Area (LGA) of Imo State, Nigeria. Both farmers and extension agents were the target audience. Fifty (50) farmers and two (2) extension agents were purposively sampled from the selected communities in the LGA. A structured questionnaire was used to collect primary data. Simple percentages, t-test and mean statistic were employed for data analysis. The hypothesis of the study was tested using t-test at 0.05 significant level and was rejected hence t-cal of -18.651 < t-tab of -2.101 signifying significant effect. The effects were significant on local planting spacing, number of seeds planted per hole, number of times of weeding, pest and diseases control method and storage method. It was further found that most indigenous practices are rapidly disappearing and abandoned following the introduction of the modern practices. The study therefore recommends consideration of farmers indigenous practices while developing and promoting modern packages.