Market Sanitation: A Case Study of Oregbeni Market Benin - City Edo State, Nigeria

  • C Abejegah
  • S O Abah
  • N S Awunor
  • C B Duru
  • E Eluromma
  • A O Aigbiremolen
  • E C Okoh
Keywords: Market sanitation, Solid Waste Management, Health hazards, Environmental degradation


Poor market sanitation is an intractable problem in Nigeria and has contributed to the spread of infectious diseases and environmental degradation. This study was undertaken to determine the awareness and practice of solid waste management in market places among market users. It involved 180 store owners and customers recruited from Oregbeni market in Benin City, Nigeria. They were administered questionnaires while an in depth interview was conducted with the waste managers in the market. Checklist was used to carry out observation of the market place sanitation status. The data obtained was then analyzed and compared using SPSS. The results showed that a high proportion of respondents were aware of improper waste management (133; 62.8%) and agreed (174; 96.7%) that it is associated with many risks. Despite this high level of awareness, the practice of open dumping of waste was prevalent (108; 60.0%). Interestingly, 96.1% expressed willingness to pay for an improved waste disposal system while 55.6% rated the existing system as poor. Our findings suggest therefore that there is an urgent needs to improve waste collection, and disposal at market places.

Keywords: Market sanitation, Solid Waste Management, Health hazards, Environmental degradation.


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eISSN: 2384-681X
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