A Relative Study on Weight Changes and Notable Physical Observations in Adults Albino Wistar Rats Fed with Yaji (A Complex Meat Sauce)

  • E G Agbo
  • A O Nwaopara
  • O O Festus
  • M A Odike
  • I O Nosakhare
Keywords: Yaji, Addictives, Spices, Nutrition, Weight changes, Physical observations


This 6-week study investigates the effect of Yaji on body and organ weights of rats averagely weighing 229g. The rats (n=32) were divided into 4 groups (A-D) with 2 subgroups (A1-D1 and A2-D2) respectively. Group A served as the control, while B-D served as tests. B1, C1, and D1 (n=8 each), received 80g/20g, 60g/40g and 40g/60g of feed/Yaji respectively for a period of 3 weeks (acute period), while B2, C2 and D2 (n=4 each) received 40g/10g, 30g/20g and 20g/30g of feed/Yaji respectively for the remaining 3 weeks (chronic period). Control subgroups A1 (n=8) and A2 (n=4) received normal feed. Throughout the study, the physical and behavioral changes of the rats were recorded as well as the body and organ weights of the rats before and after the rats were sacrificed. Results showed statistically significant weight changes (weight loss in group B during the acute and chronic periods and in C and D during the acute period only) and weight gain in C and D during the chronic period only. Although human data remains yet undetermined, our findings however, supports earlier claims that Yaji has potentials for weight management, while suggesting a working reference weight reduction rat-dose of 20g.

Keywords: Yaji, Addictives, Spices, Nutrition, Weight changes, Physical observations.


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eISSN: 2384-681X
print ISSN: 2315-5388