The incidence of hepatic infarction in rats fed with graded doses of Carica Papaya seeds

  • JK Bankole
  • E Dikibo
  • C Idenhen
  • EE Okpidu
Keywords: Carica papaya, Hepatic infarction, Herbs, Nigeria.


This study investigates the sub-acute and chronic effects of graded doses of carica papaya seed-treatment on the liver of rats. The study involved 15 Sprague Dawley rats (95.0 ± 10.0 grams) within the ages of 7 ± 1weeks. They were divided into three groups: A (control; n = 5), B= (Test 1; n = 5) and C= (Test 2; n = 5). Test Groups B and C were fed with same doses of powdered Carica papaya seed (6 grams) but for 3 weeks (group B; sub-acute test duration) and 6 weeks (group C; chronic test duration) respectively. The histological observations revealed that there were dosage-duration-dependent distortions in the parenchyma of the liver, especially the histological signs of hepatic infarction/hemorrhage, exudations, pyknosis and parenchymal erosions. These findings suggest therefore, that Carica papaya seeds have the capacity to induce liver damage and considering the increasing usage of herbal medications amongst the population, its clinical consequences can only be better imagined.

Keywords: Carica papaya, Hepatic infarction, Herbs, Nigeria.


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eISSN: 2384-681X
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