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Normal CD4, CD8 T-lymphocytes and leucocyte baseline in healthy HIV-seronegative pregnant women in Ekpoma, Edo State, Nigeria

I. O. Babatope, P. A. Isabu, E. P. K. Imarenezor, T. M Adesanya, A. P. Ikhimiukor


This study was aimed at establishing the baseline values of CD4 and CD8 absolute counts among healthy pregnant women in Ekpoma, Edo State, Nigeria. Ninety (90) apparently healthy pregnant women between the age group of 18-39 years and thirty (30) non- pregnant women (control) were used as study subjects. The pregnant subjects were divided into three groups, depending on the trimester of pregnancy. CD4 and CD8 absolute counts were determined using flow cytometry. An automated blood analyzer was used to determine the leucocyte counts. The mean WBC (total) count (x103/μl) of the pregnant women was 7.71±1.76 against 4.97 ± 0.82 of the control subjects. Statistical comparison showed a statistical significance changes in the mean CD4 counts between the test and control subjects but no statistical significant difference in the total WBC and absolute CD8 counts of both groups (P>0.05). In contrast, the CD4 absolute count showed a statistical significant difference when compared with the mean values of the control subjects. In conclusion, pregnancy significantly increased the mean values of WBC count but significantly decreased CD4+ cell count when compared to nonpregnant controls while the mean CD8+ cell count did not show any difference in the subjects studied.

Key words: CD4 counts, CD8 counts, Leucocytes counts, Healthy pregnant women, Ekpoma

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