The effect of processed cassava products ("Tapioca" and "Garri") on weight and haematological indices of wistar rats

  • O.A. Ebeye
Keywords: Tapioca, Garri, Weight, Haematological indices


Weight control or weight management can be such a difficult task to achieve. People embark on different work out plan and adjust their dietary intake in order to maintain shape and weight. This study was designed to investigate the effect of tapioca and garri on weight and hematological indices of wistar rats. Eighteen wistar rats weighing between 118g-170g were divided into three groups; Control (A), Garri (B), and Tapioca(C). The control group (A) was fed with water and growers mash ad libitum, while the experimental groups were fed with garri (A) and tapioca (C) respectively with water twice daily for 28 days. Weight readings were taken on the 1st, 14th 28th day of the experiment. At the end of 28th day, animals were fasted overnight and sacrificed. Blood samples were withdrawn from the heart and abdominal aorta and were temporarily stored in EDTA bottles. Reduction in weight (body and organs) of the treated rats was observed. Changes were also observed in hematologic values when treated and controlled group were compared (p>0.05) although not statistically significant. Tapioca has more effect on body weight and hematological indices when compared with garri. Tapioca can thus be considered effective for weight reduction however, not over prolonged periods.

Key words: Tapioca, Garri, Weight, Haematological indices


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eISSN: 2384-681X
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