Teratogenic effect of maternal vitamin A consumption on the liver, limbs and other morphological parameters of the pups of wistar rats

  • U.S. Aguwa
  • O. Owoeye
  • S.I. Olu
  • O. Ukoba
Keywords: Vitamin A, Teratogen, Liver enzymes, Morphological, Anti-oxidant.


Single doses of vitamin A administered at targeted gestation periods were observed to produce varying degrees of congenital malformations in the pups of rats. This study aims at evaluating the effect of high doses of vitamin A on the liver and gross structures of the pup of Wistar rats.20female rats were separated into 4 groups of 5 rats each. The rats were mated and given increasing doses of vitamin A-400,500and600mg/kg for groups B, C and D respectively for 14 days from day 1 of pregnancy while group A received only food and water after which the rats were allowed to litter. Physical examination was done on the pups using a magnifying hand lens on days 1,7and16 post- partum after which blood was collected. Serum analysis was done on blood samples to test for liver function enzymes AST, ALT and ALP and the livers were processed for histological studies. Results were computed using student T-test and reported as Mean ± Standard deviation at P<0.05.Histology of the liver showed no significant differences between groups B, C, D and the control, but results of the liver enzymes showed significant increase in serum ALP and AST which occurs in liver nephritis and is indicative of possible liver damage.

Keywords: Vitamin A, Teratogen, Liver enzymes, Morphological, Anti-oxidant.


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eISSN: 2384-681X
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