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Changes in serum lactate to aerobic exercise among amateur athletes and non-athletes

E.M. Anekwu, CI Ezema, CP Ojukwu, ON Ojeniweh, J. Davidson, C Udeh, EO Anekwu, EO Ohotu, GC Okoye


Lactate is an end product of glucose metabolism that is usually produced in a larger quantity during exercise. This increase in production during exercise has been understood to be the reason for fatigue. The aim of this study is to determine the responses of serum lactate to aerobic exercise among amateur athletes and non-athletes. 48 consenting males (24 amateur athletes and 24 non-athletes) participated in this comparative quasi-experimental design. Subjects cycled on a bicycle ergometer to attain moderate intensity exercise target heart rate (MIETHR) and maintained the MIETHR till exhaustion (15 on Borgs scale or volitional exertion) while the serum lactate was measured at intervals. Data were analyzed with descriptive statistics and inferential statistics of Analysis of variance (ANOVA). Alpha level was set at p < 0.05. The mean age of the participants was 26.08±2.28 and 28.13±1.51 for the athletes and non-athletes respectively. There was a significant difference p=0.001 Training induced adaptations include a lower serum lactate level, a point that should be noted in studying of metabolic adaptations.

Keywords: Lactate, Athletes, Exercise, Response, Fitness

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