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Phytochemical screening of Saye, a traditional herbal remedy for malaria

O Da
M Traoré Coulibaly
JCW Ouédraogo
B Yaro
RS Yerbanga
F Kini
B Koama
ZP Dakuyo
JB Nikiema
GA Ouédraogo
MG Matsabisa
JB Ouédraogo


phytochemical assay was conducted to establish the chemical profile of “Saye”, a mixture of leaf of Cassia alata, root of Cochlospermum planchonii and whole plant of Phyllantus amarus, used as antimarial remedy. Water and organic extracts were prepared. Characterization of phytoconstituents using specific chemical reagents was performed in tubes, by thin layer chromatography and by high performance liquid chromatography. Steroids and/or triterpenes, cathechic tannins were identified in the decocted and the macerated water extracts of “Saye”. An anthraquinone with a retention time Rt corresponding to 3.34 min was identified by the HPLC analysis.

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Keywords: Chemical profile, anthraquinones, steroids, triterpenes, tannins.