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Production of acetic acid by acetic acid bacteria using mango juice in Burkina Faso

Assiètta Ouattara, K. Marius Somda, A. T. Cheik Ouattara, S. Alfred Traore, S. Aboubakar Ouattara


The present study focused on isolation and selection of acetic bacteria of genus Acetobacter for acetic acid production throughout sugar of mango as carbohydrates source. Physicochemical parameters of mango were determined using AOAC standards method. Methods of microbiology were used for selection, phenotypical identification and physiological study of targeted strains. Acetic acid production was realized through batch fermentation process. Physicochemical parameters results showed that pH, reducing and total sugars, moisture and ash were ranged respectively 4.68, 32.11% (w/w), 43% (w/w), 84, 35% (w/w) and 1, 87% (w/w). Fifteen (15) strains were identified as belonging to Acetobacter. Four (04) targeted strains have presented maximum rate of growth ranged from 0.28 to 0.34 h-1. Acetic acid obtained by four strains varied respectively from 1.30 to 4.26% (v/v). These results demonstrated the possible use of mango juice as carbohydrate source to produce vinegar.

Keywords: Acetic bacteria, carbohydrate, mango, fermentation, vinegar.

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