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Effects of anthropogenic activities on water quality, and phosphate and nitrates in the sediment of River Ogun at Ijaye, Isabo and Oke-sokori, Ogun State

Festus Idowu Adeosun


Water pollution is an issue of concern over the years in many countries. This study investigated the effect of human activities on the water and soil sediments of River Ogun at Ijaye, Isabo and Sokori from June to November 2017. The physico-chemical parameters of the water in all the three locations were measured and recorded twice monthly using standard methods. Determination of phosphate and nitrate in the soil was carried out. One-way analysis of variance was employed for data analyses, and means were differentiated using Duncan multiple range tests. No significant difference (p>0.05) in the mean of all the parameters tested for in all three locations. Monthly range in temperature was within 24.75 ºC- 27.55 ºC. Highest mean electrical conductivity (531.00 µs/cm), dissolved oxygen (7.56 mg/l) and alkalinity (2.80 mg/l) were recorded at Location C (Oke-Sokori). High positive correlation was obtained between water phosphate and water nitrate, soil phosphate, soil nitrate and between pH and dissolve oxygen, electrical conductivity. It was concluded that the water from all three locations are still within the recommended reference for fish. There is need to constantly monitor the water at these locations as levels of some of the parameters have exceeded the permissible limit for fish.

Keywords: Dissolve oxygen, Electrical conductivity, River Ogun, sediment, water quality parameter

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