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Cytological, foliar epidermal and pollen grain studies in relation to ploidy levels in four species of Physalis L. (Solanaceae) from Nigeria

Sekinat Okikiola Azeez, Julius Olaoye Faluyi, Mathew Oziegbe


The relationship in the ploidy levels, pollen grain and epidermal parameters among four Physalis species (P. angulata Linn., P. peruviana Linn., P. micrantha Link. and P. pubescens Linn) present in Nigeria was investigated from meiotic chromosome, foliar epidermal and pollen grain studies using standard techniques. The study revealed that P. angulata has chromosome number of 2n=4x=48 as against 2n=2x=24 recorded in each of the other species. The chromosomes of all the four Physalis species studied were well paired at pachynema as ring II or rod II with two simultaneous cytokineses observed in all. Tetrad pollens were observed in an accession of P. micrantha. Significantly higher pollen diameter, guard cell area and stomata Index were recorded in P. angulata when compared with the diploid species investigated. The results indicated that the tetraploid nature of P. angulata correlates with its higher guard cell area and pollen grain diameter respectively.

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Keywords: Chromosome association, tetraploid, diploid, pollen grains, tricolporate, stomata

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