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Assessment of the quality of hospital hygiene at Gaweye District hospital in Niamey in 2018

Comlan Cyriaque Degbey, Mahamadou Seyni Yansambou, Ghislain Sopoh, Mariama Halirou Amadou, Edgard-Marius D. Ouendo


Nowadays, infections linked to health care and services constitute a great issue of public health. Such a challenge has, not only, contributed to the implementation of structure and, but also, to the increase of the culture of quality and security in health centers. In Niger, this aspect is less explored and documented. The present study aimed at evaluating the quality of hospital hygiene at the hospital of Gaweye district (Niamey) in 2018. This is a cross-sectional, descriptive, and evaluative study of the quality assessment of hospital hygiene at the Gaweye District Hospital. The components under study were: "structure", "Process", and "results". These consist of subcomponents which, in turn, are filled with variables. Ratings were based on standard thresholds (insufficient: <60%, moderate: [60% - 80%], and good: ≥ 80%). The results show (i) insufficient availability and accessibility of inputs (structure) with a 25% quality rating, (ii) an inadequacy in the process with a score of 41.8%, which highlight the non-observance of hospital hygiene barriers; (iii) a deficiency in the results which showed the non-compliance of the barriers to the standards and an insufficient quality of hospital hygiene. Significant discrepancies imply a deficiency in the quality of hospital hygiene at the Niamey Gaweye District Hospital in 2018. It is, therefore, important to take these differences into account and correct them in order to improve the quality of services provided at the Gaweye District Hospital in Niamey.

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Keywords: Evaluation, quality, hospital hygiene, infections linked to health care, Niger

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