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Variation of some antioxidant biomarkers in Cameroonian patients treated with first-line anti-tuberculosis drugs

Christelle Domngang Noche, Liliane Ngo Dieu, Pascal Chuisseu Djamen, Pierre Fotsing Kwetche, Walter Pefura-Yone, Wilfred Mbacham, Francois-Xavier Etoa


M. tuberculosis infection and its treatment are responsible of an oxidative stress response that contribute to the antioxidant/prooxidant imbalance. The analysis of antioxidant biomarkers appears as a potential monitoring tool of the treatment response. The objective of this work was to study the evolution of enzymatic antioxidant biomarkers under the effect of the 1st line antituberculosis therapy. A cohort study, conducted at Jamot Hospital of Yaoundé, took place from February to October 2018. After obtaining an informed consent, clinical parameters were collected and the catalase and SOD activities were assayed in the blood samples from Tuberculosis (TB) patients before treatment (T1), at the end of the 2nd month (T2) and at the 5th month of treatment (T3). There were 50 men and 25 women (mean age: 34 + 13 years). Tuberculosis was mainly pulmonary (85.3%) with 16% of HIV-TB co-infected patients and 28% smokers. Catalase activity varied significantly (T1=3588 + 244.8 IU; T2= 2541 + 590.7 IU; T3= 3049 + 204.4 IU) with the lowest threshold at T2 (p < 0.0001) and SOD activity increased from T1 (0.041 + 0.021 IU) to T3 (0.062 + 0.040 IU) (p= 0.0112). There was no influence of disease-related factors (site, duration of signs, microscopy, HIV and smoking status) on both catalase and SOD activities. In the study population, catalase and SOD varied significantly between the pre-treatment and the 5th month of treatment phase. However, the profile of evolution of these 2 biomarkers was different. Therefore the evaluation of catalase and SOD could represent additional relevant parameters in the monitoring of the treatment response.

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Keywords: Tuberculosis, HIV, treatment, antioxidant/prooxidant balance, catalase, superoxide dismutase, biomarkers

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