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Evaluation of the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of the hydroethanolic extract of the leaves of <i>Blighia sapida</i> KD Koenig

Affo Dermane
Warapissime Tayama
Pascaline Kindji Kpoyizoun
Poyodi Kola
Kossi Metowogo
Kwashie Eklu-Gadegbeku


Blighia sapida is widely used in traditional medicine for the treatment of several diseases in Togo. This study aimed to assess the  antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of Blighia sapida. To this end, a phytochemical screening was carried out, followed by an  assessment of DPPH, total antioxidant capacity, ex vivo lipoperoxidation tests on Sprague Dawley rats, and an evaluation of anti- inflammatory activity by the egg albumin denaturation test. The leaves extract scavenged the DPPH free radical with an IC50 of 172 ±  0.577µg/mL and its total antioxidant capacity value was 40.174 ± 0.638 mg Eq AA/g. In the ex vivo lipoperoxidation test on the kidney and  liver, the extract showed a significant inhibitory effect. Phytochemical tests revealed the presence of tannins, flavonoids, alkaloids,  saponosides, and carbohydrate compounds. The present results showed that Blighia sapida leaves possess antioxidant and anti- inflammatory properties which may be linked to the bioactive compounds they contain, suggesting their use to prevent oxidative and  inflammatory processes.  

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eISSN: 1997-342X
print ISSN: 1991-8631