A survey of fish species diversity and abundance in the White Volta at Nawuni, Northern Region, Ghana

  • EA Obodai
  • MA Laweh


The study was conducted in the White Volta River at Nawuni to identify the fishing gears used by the fishermen, assess fish species composition and their relative abundance. The results indicated that fishing gears such as gill nets, traps and hook-and-line were used. Most of the net mesh sizes used by the fishermen did not conform to those legally permitted by the Fisheries Department for inland capture fisheries. Forty-three (43) fish species belonging to seventeen (17) families were identified. The family Mochokidae had the highest species representation (7). Cichlidae were the most relatively abundant family (40%) with Sarotherodon galilaeus, scoring the greatest percentage frequency (29%). It is recommended that the use of 5.0 cm mesh size gill net should be encouraged to increase catch on a sustainable basis. Also S. galilaeus is recommended as the best species for culture based on the results of the study. It is concluded that fishing gears of mesh sizes lower
than the recommended ones were used by the fishermen, and that the White Volta is rich in fish species diversity.

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1997-342X
print ISSN: 1991-8631