Chemical profile of Landolphia owariensis seed from Ikeduru, Imo State, Nigeria

  • La Nwaogu
  • KO Igwe


The nutrient, antinutrient and mineral element compositions of the seed extract of Landolphia owariensis were investigated. Proximate analysis of the extract showed that it contained crude protein (11.85+0.35% DW), fat (17.40+0.20% DW), carbohydrate (52.40+0.40% DW) and fibre (3.5+0.30% DW). The toxicant composition of the seed extract revealed that phytate, oxalate and cyanogenic glycoside contents were 48.15+0.05, 56.01+0.02 and 33.20+0.01 mg/100 g DW respectively while the phytochemical composition revealed that tannins, saponins, alkaloids and flavonoids were 100.50+0.30, 28.40+0.20, 1.90+0.08 and 1.50+0.25 mg/100 g DW respectively. Mineral element concentrations also revealed that the seed is a rich source of macro and micro elements containing calcium 110.20+0.10, potassium 205.04+0.1.50, sodium 48.02+0.20, iron 9.50+0.40, phosphorus 20.08+0.05 and magnesium 2.91+0.05 mg/100g dry weight respectively.
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Keywords: Landolphia owariensis seed, proximate analysis, mineral elements, toxicant composition.


eISSN: 1997-342X