Terpenoids from the roots of Ceriops tagal induces apoptosis through activation of caspase-3 enzyme

  • M Chacha


Dolabr-4(17),15(16)-dien-3-one, isopimar-8(14)-en-15,16-diol, isopimar-8(14)-en-16-hydroxy-15-one, lupeol, lup-20(29)-en-3â,28-diol and lup-20(29)-en-3â-hydroxy-28-oic acid were isolated from the roots of a
marine mangrove Ceriops tagal (Rhizophoraceae). The compounds were evaluated for activation of caspase-3 enzyme using Caspase-3 Colourimetric Assay. Caspase-3 enzyme was activated by all compounds in cleaving
pNA from Ac-DEVD-pNA in the presence of caspase-3-inhibitor; Ac-DEVD-CHO. Lup-20(29)-en-3â- hydroxyl-28-oic acid, isopimar-8(14)-en-15,16-diol and isopimar-8(14)-en-16-hydroxy-15-one cleaved 41.7, 39.42 and 34.19 ìmol/L of pNA respectively. This study is therefore demonstrating that the isolated
compounds may serve as leads for development of new chemotherapeutic drugs which acts by inducing apoptosis in the cancerous cells.

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eISSN: 1997-342X
print ISSN: 1991-8631