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Predictors of pre-game anxiety dysphoria among teenage soccer players

Ajayi Michael Adeniyi
Adebayi Babatunde Samson


The study examined pre-game anxiety dysphoria among Shell Cup soccer players in Nigeria. The participants (n-71) were the selected players who qualified for the final of the competition. The instrument was the 27-item CSAI-2 questionnaire that measured competitive anxiety dysphoria it has an established r- (0.80). Measurements were taken one hour before the competition with the help of research assistants. The result confirmed a significant composite effect of the dependent variable on the independent variables (0.87637, 74.49548, p<0.05 R=0.76803.Inadition, all the six dependent variables predicted pre-game anxiety dysphoria among the players. Several implications of these findings were discussed while, viable recommendations were made.

International Journal of Emotional Psychology and Sport Ethics Vol. 6, 2004: 15-18

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eISSN: 1119-7048