International Journal of Emotional Psychology and Sport Ethics

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The International Journal of Emotional Psychology and Sport Ethics will consider empirical studies as well as theoretical propositions and case summaries on human emotions and/or feelings, family issues, battery/battering, disabilities, problem of underachievement/learning-difficulties, intellectual disabilities, behaviour disorders, psychosomatic conditions, issues in sports and regulations and health.

Vol 10 (2008)

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Table of Contents


The Samaritan Woman as the Portrayal of the Bride of Jesus: A Case of Intertextuality of John 4:1-42 and Genesis 24: 1-6
TG Lerotholi
The capitalist Christ of the Word of Life Church's unlimited women's magazine: an intertextual and interdiscursive analysis
AT Manyawu
The Role of the Christian Church in the fight against HIV and AIDS: Beyond Self-righteousness and Empty Words of Prayer.
FCL Rakotsoane
Reducing the Perceived impact of Mass Academic Failure on Significant People through Multi-Behaviour Techniques (MBTS)
JO Osiki
Influence of Literacy on Mothers\' Patronage of Government Primary Health Care (PHC) Services in Ibadan North Local Government, Nigeria.
G Adekola, MA Oyebamiji
Re-Inventing The Current ‘Ss' English Language Curriculum: Implications For Students' Performance In Essay Writing
OO Kolawole
Etiological Attributions Of Alms-Begging Among People With Special Needs: Differential Perceptions Of Persons With Special Needs In Oyo State, Nigeria
SG Olawale, EO Adeniyi
Mothers'and Proprietors/Caregivers' Opinions Of Developmental Role Of Play In Children's Lives
AA Owodunni
Perception Of Junior Secondary School Teachers Towards Literacy Through Mother Tongue Education In Ogun State
BO Adekola
Level Of Teachers' Job Satisfaction In Ogun State Secondary Schools
JO Adetayo
Refuse Dumps And The Environment: A Case Study Of Some Selected Cities In Nigeria
OO Arowolo

ISSN: 1119-7048
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