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Perception of pre-service teachers on the use of blended learning techniques in Nwafor Orizu College of Education, Nsugbe, Anambra State

P.C.N. Okoye, A.C. Nwagwu, I.G. Abraham-Ibe


Pre-service teachers face several challenges as they strive to achieve excellence in their chosen field. Not only must they prove they master their subject matter, but they must also show competence in classroom management, methodology, and assessment. These can be achieved during their pre-service training. This study examined perceptions of pre-service teachers on Blended Learning Techniques (BLT). The purpose of the study was to identify, examine and analyse the perceptions of pre-service teachers in Nwafor Orizu college of Education Nsugbe, Anambra state on Blended learning techniques. The population for the study was one hundred and forty (140), 200 level pre-service teachers and the sample for the study consisted of 70, 200 level pre-service teachers randomly selected using simply random sample. Two sub-scale questionnaires were used for data collection. The data were analysised using percentage, frequency table and simple statistical mean to find the average responses of the study. Means that fall below 2.50 were rejected. The results of the study showed that pre-service teachers had positive opinions about blended learning techniques and there are challenges in the implementations. It was recommended among others that, different models of blended learning techniques should be adopted according to the courses instead of one typical model for all courses. Also lecturers should be motivated and there should be stable and constant power supply. There should be free internet access for a successful implementation.

Keywords: Blended learning techniques, face to face learning, web based learning, pre-service teacher, and internet

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