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Workplace counselling services in Nigeria: prospects, challenges and recommendations

O.M. Omoegun, I.P. Nwadinigwe, B Ahimie


In most developed countries of the world, counselling services sometimes referred to as Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) have been introduced in organizations for the benefit of their employees. The main purpose of rendering counselling services in organizations is to help and support workers and equip them to face and overcome difficult times in their lives. Counselling is the assistance and help rendered by an expert or a professional counsellor to people undergoing various problems and challenges in order for them to resolve these problems and lead normal and productive lives in their homes and work environment. This article examined workplace counselling services in Nigeria and other parts of the world. The roles of counsellors in organizations, prospects, importance and benefits of workplace counselling were outlined. The paper further highlighted the challenges faced by workplace counselling as a result of certain factors that are likely to hinder the delivery of the services in Nigeria. Recommendations made included an urgent need for professional associations to create awareness on the need, importance and benefits of workplace counselling in organizations in Nigeria.

Keywords: Workplace, Counselling, Employee Assistance Programme, Workplace counselling, Professional counsellors

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